Fraud Prevention and Security

Please read these carefully so you are
always safe.

Please read these carefully so you are always safe.

While we have done everything that we can in order to keep you and your money safe online, unfortunately fraudsters operate online and may try and target you using a number of different scams. We ask that you please read the following advise carefully in order to help keep yourself protected online when you are using any money transfer services.

How to spot fraud

Learning how to spot fraud is the best way to keep yourself protected online when you are using any money transfer services. Fraudsters use a number of false reasons and stories to try and convince you to send them money online. This could be in the form of a false charity aid scandal, a fake romantic relationship or even someone pretending to be a friend or family member abroad and in trouble who needs money. Some common scams follow the below basic principles which you should be aware of:

Creating a sense of panic

Fraudsters may send you warnings about suspicious behaviour which has occurred on one of your online accounts and will ask you to provide your personal information or bank information in order to reveal who it is who has accessed your account. If you are contacted by someone like this always check who they are and that it is from a verified source before you reply.

Urgent requests

Fraudsters will often approach you with an urgent situation to try and make you act fast which helps the fraudster to avoid suspicion. Always double check if you are requested by anyone online to provide information or send money to them quickly.

Suspicious tone

Often the fraudster will have a suspicious tone and they may seem overly helpful and even convincing in their attempts to gain your trust. If something does not feel right then always trust your instincts and double check first.

Do not transfer money to anyone you do not know

The best way to stay safe online and to avoid fraud is to never use any online money transfer services to send money to someone that you do not know. If you are ever in doubt, think of the following questions before you send someone money online:

  • Should I be providing information or sending money in order to collect a prize or when I have won a competition?
  • Is the request for funds that you have received genuine? Do you really know the person that has asked you for money?
  • If you do not know someone, can you really trust that they are who they say they are?
  • Are you sure you should really be sending money to someone that you met online?
  • Have you heard of the tax that you have been asked to pay for and have you had this verified before paying for it?

When something seems too good to be true

Generally speaking, when someone approaches you online with an offer that seems too good to be true then the answer is that is probably is. Get rich quick schemes or amazing offers are another very common way which fraudsters try and approach people online.

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