Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked

We hope you find your answers here, if not
please contact us using our contact page.

We hope you find your answers here, if not please contact us using our contact page.

Arranging and sending a money transfer with us is a simple process which can be completed in just a few minutes. All customers will need to first create an account with us before they are able to send money.

It is only possible to cancel a transfer if it has not yet been accepted by the recipient. In the event that the transfer has been sent and accepted by the recipient then arrangements for a refund will need to be arranged with the individual. Either way please contact us immediately and we will try to resolve this issue.

Refunds will only be accepted if the transfer has not yet been fully processed and we need to be informed about this as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer refunds for any transfers which have been fully processed.

Our platform is able to be used internationally and we multiple destinations available, you will be able to select from a country list when sending money. You simply need to provide the banking information of the recipient and provided this is accepted by our platform you will be able to arrange a transfer.

We have a number of physical and electronic security measures in place in order to ensure the safety of your money at all times. We also advise that you read our Fraud Prevention statement for extra information on how to keep yourself and your money protected online.

All of our money transfers will arrive with recipients within the same working day. Some destinations may take longer, but you will be given an estimated timescale before you complete the transaction.

Creating an account is easy and can be completed in a simple process. You will be asked to provide some personal information as well as having your identity verified as part of the process.

We verify the identity of all of our customers before they are able to use the platform to comply with AML laws. You may be required to provide us with additional information as part of our identity verification process.

As an international platform our customer services team are available to be able to answer any questions or help you with any issues you may be experiencing. Simply get in touch using the contact details provided on our contact us page.

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